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337 acres of Water updated 17 August 2013

Lake White was started on 3 January 1935 during the great depression by the W. P. A. and was thought to take a considerable long time to fill but an overnight downpour filled the banks to overflowing. It had been a long struggle to get the lake built. With the aid of Gov. George White, for whom the lake is named, Ohio's Lt. Gov., George D. Nye and H. W. Nelson pushed the project. Additional support was given by T. S. Brindle, Col. David C. Warner and others of the White Administration. The Lake was completed in August of 1935, but was expected to take months to fill. However, one night, less than a week later, the area was drenched by a terrific storm. The next morning the lake was filled.

Wells S. Jones Jr., president of the Waverly First National Bank, John W. Gregg, G. W. Rittenour and Clarence Vallery brought Pike countians together in support of the project. When the going was particularly bad, these men and 18 others provided the necessary funds for the purchase of land.

In 1950, under the jurisdiction of the Lake White Company, Inc., the lake area had a 100 residences and several eating and boating establishments, among them was the Lake White Club that had recently been remodeled. All homes were required to be of white masonry, have red roofs, plumbing and sewage facilities and controlled location on lots.

There was also a nine hole-golf course with shower and club room facilities for golfers. The golf course no longer exist.

Land owners in 1934 where Lake White is: Mrs. Lou Dayton, Andrew Harris, Eli Lightle, William Cochenour, Sherman Lightle, George D. Nye, Joseph B. Grimes, Walter Massie, Simon Lazar, Robert Burkham, John McConnaughey and the Dixon heirs.

Lake White was officially dedicated as a state park in 1949 when the Division of Parks and Recreation was created.

Lake White under construction
Lake White before filling 1935
Lake White before filling 1935
picture provided by Gary Cooper
Lake White Dam under construction 1935
Lake White dam under construction 1935. The lake buried two of the Ohio & Erie Canal Locks.
picture provided by Gary Cooper
Lake White Building Spillway
Building Spillway at Lake White in 1935
Canal locks south of Pee Pee creek
Ohio & Erie Canal Lock 46 In the Pee Pee Bottoms now part of Lake White. Lock 45 is also at bottom of Lake White. Both lock 45 and 46 were constructed predominately of wood.
Lake White Dam 1935
Lake White Dam after the sudden fill up the Lake 1935
picture provided by Gary Cooper
Lake White Dam before fill up 1935
Lake Dam spillway side after sudden fill up
picture provided by Gary Cooper
Lake White
Lake White 1935
picture provided by Gary Cooper
Lake White Beach view
Lake White state boat house
Lake White State Boat House 1950

1950 Lake White state boat house replete with a pier, dressing rooms and a lounge from which the activities at the beach can be watched.

Lake White 1950
Lake White Beach in 1950
Lake White Beech in 1950
Lake White Bathing Beach
Lake White beach 1

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Lake White Beachcomber

Beachcomber is Re-opened

"The Beachcomber," popular Lake White restaurant, near the bathing beach in the west side of the lake, has re-opened on Saturday by R. W. Connett, Piketon high school music instructor.
Mr. Connett has leased the property from Fred Foil, the owner, and he and his family will operate the resort lunch room during the summer.
Mr. Connett extends a very cordial invitation to all his Pike county friends to visit him at the establishment. 8 Jun 1950 The Republican Herald

Lake White in 1950s at beach
Lake White in 1950s looking at the Beachcomber Restaurant
Lake White Club 1950s
Beachcomber Restaurant in 1950's
Waverly Lake White Boat House Woman
Waverly Lake White Boat House Woman Pike County about 1944.
Lake White Club

When you walk through the entrance of the Lake White Club, 1166 St Rt. 552, you are virtually stepping back in time nearly two centuries. The huge timbers you see forming the walls of the foyer are the original walls of a log cabin built on this spot in the mid 1820's.

One of the first things you see as you enter the door, is a life-sized photograph of George D. Nye with his hand extended in welcome. As the man most responsible for the development of Lake White. This lounge is dedicated to his memory. As you pass through the cabin to the dining room, you are looking at the original logs cut from the surrounding hills and laid up in the 1820's. You will notice the large fireplace built entirely of stone taken from Pee Pee Creek.

The first white man to own the land where the latke white club sets was John Winton from Virginia who laid claim to 700 acres recorded February 4, 1799. John died in 1837. His Virginia relatives seeing little value in the distant backwoods land unloaded it for $1,829 (about $2.60 an acre). The buyers were John Roe and William Price who later sold it to millionaire, James Emmitt. A great grandson-in-law of Emmitt's, Lou "Mace" Dayton, later farmed the land and thus it was known for years as "The Dayton Farm". The next owner was Piketon, Judge G. W. Rittenour, who later sold it to former Ohio Lt. Governor George D. Nye for use by Lake White, Inc.

The late Wayne Wick purchase several acres from the original tract, including the two and one-half acre Club site. The lake completed in August of 1935, expecting months to fill but less than a week later the area was drenched by a terrific storm filling the lake over night.

In 1936, a year after Lake White was filled overnight, the log cabin kitchen started preparing delicious fried chicken for visitors coming from all over the state to visit the scenic spot. In 1938, it officially took the name of the Lake White Club. The restaurant, and its chicken, quickly became so popular that a huge screened-in porch had to be added to the log cabin dinning room. This porch, now enclosed is the present dining room.

In 1970, Dick & Audrey Ford purchased the Lake White club and they have ran it till March 17, 2011. Dick passed away in 2010. The Lake white Club is now owned by Dick Crawford and Jodi Harmon.


The Lake White Club held an Easter Egg Hunt for the kiddies in Pike county up to 7 years of age. (10 years ago column 12 Apr. 1951The Republican Herald)

Lake White Cabin Aug 1930
Original log cabin that is now part of Lake White Club 1930
Lake White 1950s Lounge
Lounge at the Lake White Club in the 1950s
Lake White Club abt 1972
Lake White Club abt 1972
Lake White Club with cars in lot
Lake White Club showing cars in parking lot
Lake White post card
Lake White Club
Lake White Governors Lodge
Lake White Governors Lodge in the 1940s
Govenors Lodge
Governor's Lodge
Govenors Lodge interior
Governor's Lodge

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