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Pike County:


Botkin Funeral Home


Boyer Funeral Home


Cox Burkitt Funeral Home


Howe-Wheeler-Boyer-Hornback Funeral Home


Pike County Obituaries

Pike County Obituaries II   Marriages

Pike County Death Index 1958-1962

Stockdale Cemetery (Partial)


Jackson County:


Eisnaugle-Lewis Funeral Home


Huntley-and-Cremeens-Funeral-Home (no Link)


Kuhner-Lewis Funeral Home


Mayhew Funeral Home


McWilliams Funeral Home (underconstruction)


Ross County:

Chillicothe Gazette


Ebright Funeral Home 


Fawcett Oliver Glass and Palmer Funeral Home 


Haller Funeral Home


Hill Funeral Home (no Link)

Smith-Moore Ebright Funeral Home 


Ware Funeral Home


The Chillicothe Gazette Obituary Archive 2003-current

Scioto County:

Brant Funeral Service

Botkin Funeral Home

D. W. Swick Funeral Home

McKinley Funeral Home

Roger W. Davis Funeral Service

Scioto County Obituary Search Engine
Scioto County Death Records/Obituaries (extensive)
Scioto County Obituaries Listed in Other Locations A-M  N-Z

Botkin Funeral Home
314 East North Street
Waverly, OH 45601
Phone: 740-947-2313
Fax: 740-947-2313
View Website - Botkin Funeral Home Send Email - Botkin Funeral Home View Map - Botkin Funeral Home
View Webpage - Botkin Funeral Home
Botkin Funeral Home - Chamber of Commerce Member
Botkin Funeral Home has been providing funeral and cremation services since 1957. We have options for families of every faith. Our funeral directors understand that this is a trying time and ask that you allow us to help you in your time of need.

Boyer Funeral Home
125 West Second Street
Waverly, OH 45690
Phone: 740-947-2161
Fax: 740-947-2163
View Website - Boyer Funeral Home Send Email - Boyer Funeral Home View Map - Boyer Funeral Home
View Webpage - Boyer Funeral Home
Boyer Funeral Home - Chamber of Commerce Member
Pike County's oldest family owned funeral service. Boyer Funeral Home has been providing funeral and cremation services since 1939. We provide services for families of every faith. Click on tacked note above for more information.
























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