Scenes from the days of the Ohio & Erie Canal updated Oct. 3,  2013


Waverly Early Birds Eye View
Early View of Waverly.  Note the Ohio and Erie Canal flowing through Waverly


Waverly, OH 1906 after fire
Waverly, Ohio 1909 after fire.  Canal is on the right of the Buildings


 Waverly Canal boat


1882 map, Waverly, Ohio
1892 Map of Waverly showing route of the canal



1882 Waverly Map locations

Canal Mural Waverly PO

Mural at the Waverly Post Office after restoration

Mural by Roy Best with James Emmitt on far left watching a packet drift past the Greenbaum building in Waverly


Boy and 2 girls in canoe 
Canal in Waverly about where the present day Subway is now located.  In back ground is Gehres Brothers Lumber Mill.
Picture courtesy Gary Cooper from the Roger Hicks Collection


Toll Keepers House in Waverly 750
Toll Keepers house and Warehouse at High & Emmitt Street torn down in 1978


Intersection of Water Street (Rt. 2
Intersection of Water Street (Rt. 23) and (Emmitt Street) Market Streets Waverly


Canal by Emmitt Building
Intersection of Water Street (Rt. 23) and (Emmitt Street) Market Streets Waverly in July 1891.  On the right is the James Emmitt Store.


Canal in Waverly along Water Street

Canal in Waverly along Water Street (Emmitt Ave.) as seen from Market Street looking North.  Canal Warehouse on left near High Street's Smith Bridge and Vallery Livery Stable on Right. Photo abt 1906


O & E Aqueduct over creek, Waverly

O & E Aqueduct over Crooked Creek during winter, Waverly looking northwest 1908

O & E Aqueduct during flood, Waverly


 O & E Aqueduct during flood, Waverl

O & E Aqueduct over Crooked Creek during flood, Waverly. I belive this is looking southeast.


O & E Bridge & aqueduct, Crooked Cr

O & E Bridge & aqueduct, Crooked Creek Waverly abt 1910 looking Northwest


O & E Lock and Boat at Waverly.

O & E Lock 44 with Boat at Waverly.

O & E Lock and Mill at Waverly with

Canal lock 44 Waverly just south of Crooked Creek viewed from the south with Valley Cold Storage and Lock Tender's house on the right 

O & E Lock and Mill at Waverly

O & E Lock 44 and Mill at Waverly


In 1850 Joshua Davis, James A. and Joseph Forrester were boatmen on the canal.  Rucgard Cox was a Lock Keeper.

Canal Boat ARC
photo by Tyrone Hemry
The 28 x 10 foot replica canal boat, named ARC, is located in the old canal bed by Bristol Village.  Students from the Pike County CTC constructed the boat to approximately one-quarter size of an actual canal vessel.  The boat is the crown jewel of the newly-constructed Ohio and Erie Canal Historic Trail.   A ramp is to be built so that visitors can step aboard the boat and inside the cabin.
Canal Lock at what is now canal Park, Waverly, OH
Canal lock 44 with Waverly Stone Saw Mill at what is now Canal Park, Waverly, Ohio 
Crooked Creek aqueduct collapse
Crooked Creek aqueduct collapsed during the 1913 flood. Looking Southeast the towpath bridge remained standing
Emmitt Store
Post card labeled Emmitt block. Showing what is now called Greenbaum building.  At the time this was the intersection of Water Street (now Emmitt Ave.) and Market Street. The little shed at the end was a shoe repair shop.


1890 celebration in Waverly
Looking South with Water Street on left, what is now West Emmitt Ave (Rt. 23), from (John Emmitt's Store) Greenbaum building estimated date is 1890.  Note the building saying Philips is the present day site of the library. Photo by Gehres from Jim Henry collection
Joe Geuett and His Pyrotechnics


    We have examined the fire works pieces ordered by Joe Genett for the evening of the Forth and unhesitatingly pronounce them first class in all respects.  There will be rockets with parachutes, Roman candles with 15 to 20 balls, circular and revolving pieces of all descriptions, dynamite balls to be shot from a mortar, and an endless variety of smaller pieces that we neither know the name of nor can describe.  In addition there are three large pieces ordered from New York where they were specially manufactured for the occasion.  They are very large and will no doubt be much more attractive than anything ever before seen in Waverly.  The display will take place on the level in front of the Emmitt House next to canal.  It will be a grand one.

1 July 1890 Waverly Courier


Ohio & Erie Canal boat ad
Last canal boat came through Waverly in 1904 and the 1913 flood finished off the canal.


Skating on the canal by the park, Waverly, Ohio

Jim Henry drew this scene from a post card and shows the old Canal Park as seen from Market Street.  The bridge,  an iron type, was on what is know as High St. There was quite a slope on this hill from the bridge down to Water St. (now Emmitt Ave.).  It had a pedestrian walkway on the south side of it.  On the north side of the bridge  was the Lew Stahler Hardware Co. Next building south was the collector's office. In the toll house was a big pulley wheel used to lift items out of the boats.   Later Stahler used the toll house to store their extra buggies and farm equipment.  Later Don's Furniture was in the building (not to be confused to Don's Furniture on North Street where it was later located.)  This building was torn down in the early 1970s. The site is now the drive through for the US Bank. Next lot  south was later to be built on as Kroger's.  When Kroger's moved out the building it was remodeled to become Waverly State Bank and has since gone through several bank names and is now  US Bank.




    Just after the excitement of the Lancaster boys, Monday, about half-past 2 o'clock, the aqueduct across Crooked creek gave way.  The structure was an old affair but it had been patched to be good for several years yet.  But all at once there was a creaking and wrecking of timber, a splash and gurgling roll of waters and the old thing was gone up.  The waters now take their course down Crooked creek and the "totherend" of the canal is played out--at least until there is a new structure built.

27 June 1884 The Republican

Emmitt, Gilbert and Bateman were contractors for the Pike County portion of the Canal.  It was stipulated that the canal be 40 feet wide with banks sloping 45 degrees on both sides, depth to be 4 feet bordered by  tow paths of 8 foot clearance.

The first canal boat to arrive in Waverly was September 6, 1832.  James Emmitt decided he wanted to own the boat so he arranged a partnership with, an elderly man who used to wagon with Emmitt, they purchased the boat that day for $600 and added a brass bell to the deck.

Most pictures courtesy of Jim Henry

Ohio & Erie Canal north of Waverly      Ohio & Erie Canal at Waverly      Ohio & Erie Canal south of Waverly  


   Ohio & Erie Canal in Chillicothe         Ohio & Erie Canal in Scioto Co.  

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